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ILS's appellate efforts are informed by many sources of information and insight. A critical role is played by the Appellate Defender Council, an ILS advisory group established in 2018. The Council has 30 members, nearly half of whom are chief appellate attorneys at defender offices around the state. Other members include staff attorneys, appellate assigned counsel, and NYSDA attorneys. For a Council roster, click here.
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In 2023, ILS issued Revised Appellate Standards and Best Practices, pursuant to authority conferred upon the agency by Executive Law § 832. These Standards address qualifications, training, and oversight; the duties of appellate counsel; and special ethical considerations. For both criminal defense and family law appeals, the Standards are designed to help offices implement appropriate procedures to support high-quality representation and to guide appellate attorneys in appellate best practices and procedures.
The information on this website is intended to provide support to trial, appellate, and post-conviction counsel providing mandated representation across New York State. Use of this website does not create an attorney-client relationship between ILS and the user. The information on this site is not intended as legal advice and is not guaranteed to be correct, complete, or current. Before taking and/or refraining from action, the user should verify any content through independent legal research.
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We have compiled links to information that may be helpful to you when working on an appeal. The list of resources will be continually updated, so check back often to find new materials. Appellate Samples and Templates: Sample Statements of Law Notices of Appeal Family Court appeals:
Claudia Trupp, Director of Quality Enhancement for Appellate and Post-Conviction RepresentationOffice: (518) 486-2411Cell: (518) Mandy Jaramillo, Supervising Appellate AttorneyOffice: (518) 474-4366Cell: (518)
The ILS Statewide Appellate Support Center (“Center”) has been established to provide support to trial, appellate, and post-conviction counsel providing mandated representation. The Center advances our agency’s statutory mission and mandate “to make efforts to improve the quality of services provided pursuant to article eighteen-B of the county law.” We realize the challenges and demands of providing effective mandated representation and we know that you may sometimes need support to do that work, whether you serve at a defender office or on an 18-B panel.