Hurrell-Harring Timeline

October 30, 2021
ILS Releases Evaluating the Effectiveness of Caseload Standards in the Hurrell-Harring Settlement Counties

February 10, 2020
ILS Releases Implementing Caseload Relief and Quality Initiatives in Assigned Counsel Programs

January 2020
ILS Releases Implementing Caseload Relief in the Hurrell-Harring Counties

June 25, 2019
Nora Christenson: Hurrell-Harring Providers Meet ILS Caseload Standards
Director Leahy's Transmittal Memo

April 4, 2018
Implementation of Eligibility Criteria and Procedures in the Hurrell-Harring Counties - April 4, 2018

October 30, 2017
Hurrell-Harring Settlement Implementation: 2017 Update Report

April 4, 2017
Eligibility Criteria and Procedures Report

December 8, 2016
Final Caseload Standards Report

November 10, 2016
ILS Releases Hurrell-Harring Quality Improvement Plan Updated November, 2016 and Counsel At Arraignment Plan Updated November, 2016

February 11, 2016
ILS Releases Hurrell-Harring Caseload Standards RFP

November 12, 2015
ILS Releases Hurrell-Harring Final Quality Improvement Plan and Final Counsel At Arraignment Plan

October 5, 2015
ILS Hires Lisa Robertson as Hurrell-Harring Eligibility Standards Implementation Attorney
ILS Hires Nora Christenson as Hurrell-Harring Caseload Relief Implementation Attorney
ILS Hires Deborah Schneer as Hurrell-Harring Counsel At Arraignment Implementation Attorney

September 14, 2015
ILS Hires Amanda Oren as Hurrell-Harring Quality Improvement Implementation Attorney

August 5, 2015
NYLJ: Brooklyn Indigents Benefit From Caseload Caps, Report Shows
Brooklyn Case Caps Study April 2015

July 7, 2015
NYLJ: Hearings To Consider Public Defense Guidelines

July - August, 2015
Notice Of Public Hearings On Eligibility For Assignment Of Counsel In Criminal And Family Court Proceedings

June 23, 2015
Patricia Warth Joins ILS As Chief Hurrell-Harring Implementation Attorney

March 18, 2015
NYLJ: Judge Approves Hurrell-Harring Settlement

November 14, 2014
Director Leahy's Letter to Attorney General Holder re: DOJ Statement of Interest

November 10, 2014
NY Law Journal: Indigent Legal Services OKs $950K Budget Boost

October 26, 2014
NY Times: A Rare Victory For Public Defense

October 22, 2014
ILS Director Leahy's Statement
New York State Defenders Association Statement
Chief Defenders Association of New York Statement
NY Times: Governor Pledges More Aid
Daily Record: State Accepts Responsibility for Public Defense
New York Law Journal: Plaintiffs Hope To Broaden Indigent Defense Pact

October 21, 2014
Settlement Agreement
New York Civil Liberties Union Statement
Governor Cuomo's Statement
Attorney General Schneiderman's Statement

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