Announcements and News - Standards and Performance Criteria

October 4, 2023
Release of Revised Appellate Standards and Best Practices

July 8, 2021
Release of Caseload Standards for Parents’ Attorneys in NYS Family Court Mandated Representation Cases

June 27, 2019
NY Law Journal: ILS Announces Publication of Assigned Counsel Program Standards
Director Leahy's Transmittal Memo

June 25, 2019
Nora Christenson: Hurrell-Harring Providers Meet ILS Caseload Standards
Director Leahy's Transmittal Memo

June 20, 2019
ILS Releases Assigned Counsel Standards
ACP Standards - Black Letter
ACP Standards - Black Letter With Commentaries
Director Leahy's Transmittal Memo

May 10, 2017
ILS Director Bill Leahy's Message Regarding New Caseload Standards [pdf]
Final Caseload Standards Report [pdf]
Sixth Amendment Center Commentary On ILS Caseload Standards [pdf]

April 4, 2017
ILS Releases Implementation of Eligibility Criteria and Procedures in the Hurrell-Harring Counties [pdf]

March 27, 2017
The Impact of Eligibility Standards - Suffolk County Addendum - March 2017 [pdf]

January 31, 2017
Director Leahy's Budget Testimony [pdf]
ILS Releases The Impact of Eligibility Standards in Five Upstate New York Counties [pdf]

November 8, 2016
ILS Releases the Estimate of the Cost of Compliance with Maximum National Caseload Limits in Upstate New York - 2015 Update [pdf]

February 11, 2016
ILS Releases Hurrell-Harring Caseload Standards RFP

November 06, 2015
ILS Releases Parental Representation Standards [pdf]
ILS Releases Cost of Compliance Estimate for 2014 [pdf]

August 27, 2015
NYLJ: Indigent Representation - Post-Conviction Best Practices, by ILS' Risa Gerson and Nassau County LAS' Tammy Feman [pdf]

August 5, 2015
NYLJ: Brooklyn Indigents Benefit From Caseload Caps, Report Shows [pdf]
Brooklyn Case Caps Study April 2015 [pdf]

July 7, 2015
NYLJ: Hearings To Consider Public Defense Guidelines [pdf]

July - August, 2015
ILS To Conduct Public Hearings On Eligibility For Assigned Counsel [pdf]

January 8, 2015
NYLJ: Standards Issued For Counsel On Indigent Criminal Appeals [pdf]

September 26, 2014
Board Sets Upstate Caseload Limits Contingent on State Funding [pdf]

September 24, 2014
ILS Releases Estimate of Cost of Compliance With Maximum National Caseload Limits in Upstate New York [pdf]

July, 2013
Appellate and Parent Representation in Child Protection Proceedings Standards and Best Practices Workgroups Convene

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