Annual Data Reporting


Submission due by April 3, 2023

Each provider of mandated representation must file an annual report with the Office of Indigent Legal Services (ILS) pursuant to New York County Law §722-f. Providers will fulfill this requirement through submission of a form known as the ILS-195. There are three parts to this form.

A ‘provider’ of representation is a public defender office, conflict defender office, legal aid society, assigned counsel program, or any other office, firm, individual, or entity that provides representation to persons financially unable to afford counsel in criminal or Family Court cases as defined in NY County Law Article 18-B. We consider assigned counsel ‘providers’ to exist in counties even where no formal administration exists and judges assign counsel. Except in New York City, we consider providers to be specific to a county. Where a single organization supplies representation in multiple counties (sometimes called a ‘regional’ program), separate forms must be submitted for services provided by that organization in each county respectively. Where one person or entity oversees two or more providers according to this definition (as, for example, where public defender offices oversee assigned counsel systems) separate reports must be submitted for each provider.

All questions refer to the most recent calendar year (January 1 – December 31), and responses must be submitted prior to the reporting deadline (April 1 following the year in question).

ILS-195 Form in PDF 
ILS Employee Statistics Worksheet
ILS Employee Statistics Worksheet - Instructions

ILS-195 Glossary

Frequently Asked Questions - ILS 195, Part 1 
Frequently Asked Questions - ILS 195, Part 2
Frequently Asked Questions - ILS 195, Part 3


Development of the ILS 195

Background and Purpose  
A Determination of Caseload Standards Pursuant to section IV of the Hurrell-Harring v The State of New York Settlement 
Definitions for Reporting Counts of Criminal Cases to the Office of Indigent Legal Services 
Data Officers: Roles and Responsibilities
Study of Case Counting Practices Among Providers Of Mandated Criminal Defense


ILS Caseload Standards Implementation

ILS Caseload Standards Implementation Quick Reference


Training on the ILS 195

You can access previous trainings on Parts 1, 2, and 3 of the ILS 195 by following the links below:

2018 WinterTraining Video (Overview of Part 1) Click here for additional information about this training.
2019 Summer Training Video (Part 2) Click here for additional information about this training.
2020 Fall Training  (Part 3)


Annual Financial Report

Submission due by March 1, 2023

MS Form for Submission
Annual Financial Report FAQ


Statewide Implementation of the Hurrell-Harring Settlement Agreement - Performance Measures Progress Report

Submission is due by April 28, 2023 for each criminal defense provider/program in each county (i.e., other than the five counties currently engaged in the Hurrell-Harring settlement agreement) and New York City.

ILS is required to gather and to report on information regarding efforts to implement the reforms adopted in the 2014 Hurrell-Harring (HH) Settlement and extended statewide by the enactment of Executive Law § 832(4). A Performance Measures Progress Report (Progress Report form) has been developed by ILS to assist each county, (i.e., other than the five counties currently engaged in the Hurrell-Harring settlement agreement) and New York City in reporting those activities supported by funding available to expand the implementation of reforms adopted in the Hurrell-Harring settlement agreement statewide. A Progress Report form must be completed for each mandated criminal defense provider/program using the unique link that has been sent to you by email in early April. The current Progress Report is due for submission by April 28, 2023. Subsequent Progress Report forms will be due for submission to ILS on a semi-annual basis (i.e., by October 30th and April 30th of each year). An instructional video and a PDF version of the Progress Report form are provided below to assist providers in gathering the necessary information that will be requested on the Progress Report form.

Any questions regarding this reporting process can be submitted to

Performance Measures Progress Report Form April 2023
Performance Measures FAQ
Performance Measures Instructional Video
Performance Measures Quick-Check Sheet
A Step by Step Guide to Completing the Performance Measures Progress Report
Checklist to Fill Out the Performance Measures Progress Report


Case Management System Comparison Chart

Chart comparing the capabilities of Case Management Systems commonly used throughout New York State 2023


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