Appellate Standards

January 5, 2015
Appellate Standards Released [pdf]

The workgroup that drafted these standards and best practices for appellate representation, convened by Risa Gerson, first met on July 1, 2013. Following is a list of its members:

David Abbatoy, The Abbatoy Law Firm, Rochester, New York
Ursula Bentele, Professor, Brooklyn Law School, Brooklyn, New York
Adele Bernhard, Professor and Director, Post-Conviction Innocence Clinic, New York Law School, New York, New York
Mardi Crawford, Staff Attorney, New York State Defender’s Association, Albany, New York
Drew R. DuBrin, Chief, Appeals Unit, Monroe County Public Defenders Office, Rochester, New York
Cynthia Feathers, Attorney At Law, Glens Falls, New York
Tammy Feman, Deputy Bureau Chief, Appeals Bureau, Nassau County Legal Aid Society, Hempstead, New York
Lawrence T. Hausman, Supervising Attorney, The Legal Aid Society, Criminal Appeals Bureau, New York, New York
Andrea Hirsch, Attorney At Law, New York, New York
Eunice Lee, Supervising Attorney, Office of the Appellate Defender, New York, New York
Susan C. Ministero, Managing Attorney, Appeals Bureau, Legal Aid Bureau of Buffalo, Buffalo, New York
Alfred O’Connor, Staff Attorney, New York State Defenders Association, Albany, New York

DeNice Powell, Appellate Counsel, Appellate Advocates, New York, New York
Philip Rothschild, Acting Supervising Attorney, Hiscock Legal Aid Society, Syracuse, New York
Dawn Seibert, Staff Attorney, Immigrant Defense Project, New York, New York
Claudia Trupp, Director, Justice First, Center For Appellate Litigation, New York, New York
Daniel Warshawsky, Professor, New York Law School, New York, New York

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