Domestic Violence Survivors Justice Act

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ILS recognizes that a history of trauma and abuse can be a major contributing factor to becoming ensnared in the criminal legal system. The Domestic Violence Survivors Justice Act (DVSJA) sets forth alternative sentences for convicted individuals who can establish that they were victims of domestic violence and meet statutory criteria, and it provides for resentencing relief for eligible petitioners in cases where the underlying incident occurred on or before August 12, 2019.

The Statewide Appellate Support Center supports the DVSJA Statewide Defender Task Force, a group of advocates from public defender offices, assigned counsel plan offices, law school clinics, non-profit organizations, law firms, private law practices, and NYSDA. The Center will continue to connect pro se litigants with public defenders and assigned counsel in the appropriate counties. In addition, the Center will offer robust support to counsel litigating DVSJA petitions, including case consultations, DVSJA trainings, and access to up-to-date resources.  

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