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The Statewide Appellate Support Center is available to assist attorneys who provide mandated representation with DVSJA cases. For more information, email us at SASC@ils.ny.gov


What is DVSJA?
DVSJA Application Chart
DVSJA Eligibility Checklist
DVSJA Sentencing and Resentencing (Onondaga Bar Association)
DVSJA Information (Spanish) (Onondaga Bar Association)
Information on DVSJA Resentencing PowerPoint (Onondaga Bar Association)
DVSJA Sentencing Charts
Fact Sheet on Domestic Violence and the Criminalization of Survival


Penal Law § 60.12
CPL 440.47
CPL 530.11 


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Application to Request Permission to Apply for Resentencing – Long Form (Fillable)
Application to Request Permission to Apply for Resentencing – Long Form
Application to Request Permission to Apply for Resentencing – Short Form (Fillable)
Application to Request Permission to Apply for Resentencing – Short Form 


Affidavit to Support Application for Resentencing Template
Instructions for Filling out Form Affidavit (English)
Instructions for Filling Out Form Affidavit (Español)


An Introductory Guide to Coercive Control for the DVSJA Attorney
Domestic Violence Survivors Justice Act Resource Guide (Survivors Justice Project)
DVSJA Investigations Best Practices Manual
Experts and DVSJA: A Guidebook for Defense Attorneys
Lawyer’s Manual on Domestic Violence: Representing the Victim


DVSJA Attorney Support Project (NYSDA)

With the support of the DVSJA Statewide Defender Task Force and Brooklyn Law School’s Survivors Justice Project, NYSDA will provide direct support services for attorneys working on DVSJA cases, including Penal Law § 60.12 prospective sentencing cases and CPL 440.47 resentencing cases. Attorneys seeking advice and assistance on DVSJA cases should contact Stephanie Batcheller at (518) 465-3524 ext. 41. For more information, go to https://www.nysda.org/page/DVSJA.

Brooklyn Law School Criminal Defense and Advocacy Clinic

Through the Survivors Justice Project, Brooklyn Law School clinic teams deliver pro bono services and work with survivors of domestic violence seeking resentencing through the DVSJA.  The clinic filed some of the first resentencing applications under the new law, resulting in several significant reductions in prison sentences for survivors. For more information, contact Kate Mogulescu at kate.mogulescu@brooklaw.edu or (718) 780-0337.

Incarcerated Gender Violence Survivors Initiative

The Incarcerated Gender Violence Survivors Initiative (“IGVSI”) is working on DVSJA implementation and cases. The IGVSI can serve as a resource regarding CPL 440.47 resentencing motions, particularly with respect to advising on issues of intimate partner violence (“IPV”) and trauma and recommending IPV and trauma-related resources and experts. In limited instances, members of the Initiative may be able to co-counsel on cases or accept referrals. For more information, contact IGVSI@sffny.org


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