Eligibility for Representation

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February 1977 Memorandum of the Third Judicial Department, entitled, “Assignment of Attorneys to Represent Individuals who are Financially Unable to Obtain Counsel” ABA, Standards for Criminal Justice: Providing Defense Services (3d ed., 1992) ABA, Ten Principles of a Public Defense Delivery System (2002)
Frequently Asked Questions Posted: September 26, 2023 This section is a method by which to provide uniform responses to questions that have been raised during the course of implementation of the Eligibility Criteria and Procedures, and to ensure that these responses are disseminated widely. 1. Will ILS be providing eligibility-determination forms in Spanish? 2. Do the Eligibility Criteria and Procedures apply to Family Court proceedings?
Notice of Public Hearings on Eligibility Public Hearings - Witnesses and Written Submissions
The Impact of Eligibility Standards in Five Upstate New York Counties [pdf] The Impact of Eligibility Standards - Suffolk County Addendum - March 2017 [pdf]
Standards for Determining Financial Eligibility for Assigned Counsel [pdf] Eligibility Standards - BLACK LETTER ONLY [pdf] Eligibility Standards - BLACK LETTER ONLY - Spanish [pdf] Eligibility Standards - Black Letter with Commentary [pdf]