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Issues to Develop at Trial is a monthly newsletter provided by the Center for Appellate Litigation.


June 2024: Bruen series
December 2023: Bruen series
September 2023: Jury charges and juvenile brain development
June 2023: Post-Conviction Fifth Amendment protections
April 2023: Second Amendment Challenges to Almodovar 
January 2023: Racial Justice Series
September 2022: Bruen update
July 2022: Bruen Series
June 2022: High-Crime Neighborhood Challenges
March 2022: Implicit Bias Follow-up
January 2022: Pandemic Challenges
November 2021: Second Amendment
July 2021: Racial Justice
June 2021: Racial Justice
April 2021: Racial Justice
March 2021 Racial Justice
January 2021
September 2020
July 2020
March 2020
January 2020: Expedited Appellate Review
December 2019: Pressing for a Right to Rebuttal in Summation
September 2019: Accusatory Instrument as Unconstitutionally Vague under Corr. Law § 168-f (4)
August 2019: Challenging Out-of-State Predicate Felonies
July 2019: Abolishing the Excited Utterance Exception
April 2019: Challenging the Standard CJI Interested Witness Charge
March 2019: Challenging Reliance on Corroboration to Deny Defense Expert Testimony
January 2019: DNA, Breathalyzer, and Cell Site Locations
November 2018: People v Suazo and Equal Protection
September 2018: The New Brady Order
July 2018: Right to Summation in Lower Criminal Courts
May 2018: Protecting Clients in a Post-Padilla “ICE” Age
April 2018: New Photo ID Law and DCJS Protocols
February-March 2018: Ethical Obligations When Post-Conviction Counsel Calls
January 2018: Charge Requests Following People v Boone
November 2017: Constitutional Challenges to Aggravated Harassment 2

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