Claudia Trupp

Claudia Trupp

Claudia Trupp, has devoted her entire professional career to enhancing the quality of post-conviction indigent defense. Most recently she served as the Executive Director of Innocence Project Delaware, working to provide free legal assistance to those wrongfully convicted throughout the state. Prior to that she worked at the Center for Appellate Litigation. As the founder and director of the Center’s Justice First Project, she supervised teams of attorneys, volunteers, and investigators in complex investigations. She also founded and directed the Center’s parole advocacy, conditions of confinement and reentry projects.

She was part of the winning team in Hemphill v. New York, prevailing before the United States Supreme Court to establish that a defendant does not waive the right to confrontation merely by asserting his innocence and raising a third-party defense.

She has taught and lectured on various topics relating to criminal law. The mother of three daughters, she published a memoir, Hard Time and Nursery Rhymes, about her experiences raising them while working as a public defender.

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