Elizabeth Walker

Elizabeth Walker is a Special Assistant for Mitigation at the Statewide Appellate Support Center, where she creates initiatives designed to help defense attorneys develop mitigating information to effectively advocate for favorable dispositions. For the past several years, she has worked both independently and with the Committee for Public Counsel Services in Massachusetts as a forensic social worker and mitigation specialist on criminal and juvenile defense teams. Prior to her forensic social work consulting practice, Beth was the division director for Community-Based Justice Initiatives at Good Shepherd Services in New York City, where she was responsible for program development, management, and Citywide policy advocacy. She was also the director of juvenile justice at the DOME Project. She is an active member of the National Organization for Forensic Social Work and the National Alliance of Sentencing Advocates and Mitigation Specialists. She has an M.S.W. from Fordham University, a B.S.W. from New York University, and she is expecting her D.S.W. in May of 2024 from Simmons University.

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