Kingston Farady

Kingston Farady is a Special Assistant for Investigations at the Statewide Appellate Support Center, where he develops initiatives designed to help defense attorneys conduct effective investigations at all stages of criminal proceedings. For the past several years, he was a homicide investigator and then supervisor at The Bronx Defenders, where he managed investigations, developed training programs, and handled mitigation interviews and reports. Kingston has also served as an equity and institutional transformation consultant in New York City, facilitating trainings on cultural consciousness, disrupting harm, utilizing non-violent communication, and understanding racial disparity within the criminal legal system. Prior to his work in New York, Kingston was a senior investigator at Alameda County Public Defender’s Office in Oakland, California. He has a B.A., with a double major in writing and ethnic studies, from Mills College. In 2014, he received a Trans100 award and was nationally recognized for making a positive impact on issues transgender people face. He believes that zealous and compelling representation is inherently tied to equity and institutional transformation, and seeks to continue bridging this gap in all of his work.     

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