Nationwide Resources

Federal Government Resources

Access To Justice Initiative
Armed Forces Legal Assistance
Indigent Defense Systems, Bureau Of Justice Statistics
Justice Assistance Grant Program
US Department of Health And Human Services, Administration For Children And Families

National Organizations

American Bar Association Standing Committee On Legal Aid And Indigent Defense [SCLAID}
American Civil Liberties Union [ACLU]
American Council Of Chief Defenders [ACCD]
Asian American Legal Defense And Education Fund
Innocence Project
National Association Of Counties
National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers [NACDL]
National Legal Aid and Defenders Association [NLADA]


State and Local Organizations

Alabama Office Of Indigent Defense Services
Cherokee County (Georgia) Office of Indigent Defense
Clark County (Washington) Indigent Defense Office
Clayton County (Georgia) Indigent Defense Administration
Collin County (Texas) Indigent Defense
Indiana Public Defender Council
Kansas State Board Of Indigents' Defense Services
Lake County, California Legal Services
Louisiana Public Defender Board
Massachusetts Committee For Public Counsel Services
Michigan State Appellate Defender Office
National Juvenile Defender Center
Nevada Indigent Defense Commission
North Carolina Office Of Indigent Defense Services
North Dakota Commission On Legal Counsel For Indigents
Oklahoma Indigent Defense System
Oregon Office Of Public Defense Services
Pima County (Arizona) Office of Court Appointed Counsel
South Carolina Commission On Indigent Defense
Tennessee Indigent Defense
Texas Indigent Defense Commission
Virginia Indigent Defense Commission
Washington State Office Of Public Defense