ILS Office


Executive Law section 832 (2010) created the Office of Indigent Legal Services and specified its duties. A Director was to be nominated by the newly-appointed ILS Board, and the nomination sent to the Governor for approval or disapproval. Once approved, the Director "shall appoint employees and perform such other functions as are appropriate to ensure the efficient operation of the office within the amounts available therefor by appropriation."


The ILS Office is currently composed of the following people:

William J. Leahy, Director
Tel.: (518) 486-5747

Jennifer Aguila, Statewide Implementation Paralegal
Tel.: (518) 486-4034

Matthew Alpern, Interim Chief Statewide Implementation Attorney, Director of Quality Enhancement for Criminal Defense Trials
Tel.: (518) 473-5109

Peter W. Avery, Manager of Information Systems
Tel.: (518) 486-6681

Christine Becker, Administrative Officer
Tel.: (518) 486-9168

Jami Blair, Assistant Counsel
Tel.: (518) 486-5457

Jessica Bogran, Hurrell-Harring Implementation Analyst
Tel.: (518) 486-3220

Angela Burton, Director of Quality Enhancement for Parent Representation
Tel.: (518) 474-4859
Patricia Cadrette, Assistant Grants Manager 1
Tel.: (518) 486-2725

Jennifer Chenu, Hurrell-Harring Implementation Attorney for Caseload Standards
Tel.: (518) 486-5457

Luchele Chisunka, Statewide Implementation Analyst
Tel.: (518) 486-7327

Nora Christenson, Chief Hurrell-Harring Implementation Attorney
Tel.: (518) 486-9050

Alyssa Clark, Hurrell-Harring Senior Research Associate
Tel.: (518) 486-7441

Lisa Coleman, Grants Administrator
Tel.: (518) 486-5420

Jennifer Colvin, Manager of Grant Solicitation and Distribution
Tel.: (518) 486-9713

Cynthia Feathers, Director of Quality Enhancement for Appellate and Post-Conviction Representation
Tel.: (518) 473-2383

Dana Ferris, Assistant Grants Manager 2
Tel.: (518) 486-6480

Tammeka Freeman, Executive Assistant
Tel.: (518) 486-2028

Brendan Keller, Hurrell-Harring Implementation Attorney for Counsel at First Appearance
Tel.: (518) 486-1197

Claire Knittel, Statewide Implementation Attorney - Caseload Standards
Tel: (518) 486-1477

Karlijn Kuijpers, Statewide Senior Research Associate
Tel: (518) 486-7408

Melissa Mackey, Director of Research
Tel.: (518) 486-3068

Lucy McCarthy, Assistant Counsel, Parent Representation
Tel: (518)486-4042

Kathryn Murray, Statewide Implementation Attorney - NYC
Tel.: (518) 486-9024

Lisa Joy Robertson, Hurrell-Harring Eligibility Standards Implementation Attorney
Tel.: (518) 486-5667

Marian Smith, Auditor
Tel.: (518) 486-9034

Ummey Tabassum, Hurrell-Harring Implementation Research Specialist
Tel.: (518) 486-6150

Patricia Warth, Counsel
Tel.: (518) 486-5337

Claire Zartarian, Statewide Implementation Attorney for Counsel at First Appearance
Tel.: (518) 486-7407