Cie-Nicholas Watson

Nick joined the ILS in March 2021 as a Data Scientist. He received his M.A. in Criminal Justice with a concentration in Problem Solving and Analysis, from the University at Albany - SUNY, in December 2019. His capstone consisted of designing a research project which focused on implementing proactive policing techniques inside of police departments.

While pursuing his graduate degree, he worked as an intern with Services Outcomes Action Research (SOAR) where he performed data entry, coding, and statistical analysis in relation to adverse childhood experiences for high-need youth. He also worked with the John F. Finn Institute for Public Safety performing roles as both a Research Assistant and Crime Analyst. During that time Nick obtained a New York State certification as a Crime Analyst. Prior to pursuing his graduate degree, Nick also worked in Rochester, NY as a legal assistant.


Nick will be working to assist in the research activities of the Office of Indigent Legal Services in relation to the Office’s overall responsibility to make efforts to improve the quality of mandated representation under County Law Article 18-b.


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