Reasonable Accommodation

The State of New York is committed to assuring equal opportunity for persons with disabilities. It is the Office of General Services' policy to provide reasonable accommodations in all of its programs and services. This policy is based on the federal Americans with Disabilities Act, Title II and all applicable federal regulations thereunder. OGS strives to provide:

  • Physical accessibility at government facilities, programs and events;
  • Policies, procedures, and accommodations to ensure that all people can partake in, and benefit from, OGS programs and services; and
  • Necessary auxiliary aids and services to ensure effective communication to all people.

To review the Policy in its entirety, please follow the link at OGS Reasonable Accommodation Policy for Individuals with a Disability

The Designee for Reasonable Accommodation (DRA) and American with Disabilities Act (ADA) Coordinator is:
Jessica Kelly
Designee for Reasonable Accommodation
Office of General Service, Division of Human Resources Management
31st Floor, Corning Tower, ESP, Albany, NY 12242