Andrew Davies

Dr. Andrew Davies is a social scientist specializing in research on indigent legal services and the criminal justice system. Prior to coming to ILS, Andrew spent a short but formative time as an intern gathering mitigation evidence in capital cases in Atlanta, Georgia, followed by four years as Research Associate at the New York State Defenders Association.

His published research on indigent legal services has appeared several books, and in journals including Law and Society Review and the Albany Law Review. His research has been funded by the National Institute of Justice and the National Science Foundation. He has received degrees from Oxford University (BA Modern history, 2002; MSc Criminology, 2004) and the University at Albany School of Criminal Justice (MA, 2006, PhD 2012). At Oxford he was honored with the C. V. Wedgwood prize for history (2002) and the Roger Hood prize for Criminology (2004), while at Albany he received the Remington award for Law and Social Science (2006) and, most recently, the Eliot Lumbard Award for Academic Excellence (2012). In his present position, Andrew oversees the research and data gathering activities of the Office.