Appellate Defender Council

New York State Office of Indigent Legal Services
80 So. Swan St., Suite 1147
Albany, NY 12210 (518) 949-6131

The Appellate Defender Council is a unique group devoted to quality in mandated appellate representation in NY State court criminal and Family Court appeals. Established by the NY State Office of Indigent Legal Services in 2018, the Council is a group of 21 appellate attorneys from throughout the state. Many members lead institutional programs that provide appellate representation in criminal and/or Family Court cases.  In addition, Council members include experienced appellate attorneys from ILS, NYSDA, public defender offices, and assigned counsel programs. The Council seeks to address appellate issues of statewide importance; to provide insights and ideas about how to best improve appellate representation, in part by using funding available via statewide implementation of Hurrell-Harring reforms; and to present innovative, quality trainings presented by highly experienced attorneys.

Council Roster December 10, 2021 [pdf]
Working Groups [pdf]

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